References and Sources of Inspiration

This system is an amalgam of a number of mechanics, stolen directly or adapted to fit the needs of this sytem.  Very little here is actually my idea, simply how I twisted someone else's idea to fit my own demented dream.  Therefore, this section lists every site, gaming system, or whatever I can remember borrowing any idea from.  It also serves as a nice links page, for those interested in such things.

The Actual Planescape Setting

    The Mimir Site - Huge Archive of Planescape ideas, so much that Wizards made them the official Planescape Fan site.
    A Tiefling's Exhultation - Some good stuff here, mostly on planar crossbreeds.
    Li Po's Hermitage - A Journey around the Planes, with many interesting ideas and different looks at the philosophies of some planes.  Also, links to just about anything you can think of.
    ...Unless Infinity - Has a conversion of Planescape to Mage: the Ascension rules, a compilation of Planescape Skills and Powers Options, and much more.
    GURPS Planescape - And speaking of conversions, here is a very good conversion of Planescape to, you guessed it, GURPS.

Other Dungeons and Dragons Sites (Since, of course, all D&D Worlds are included in Planescape)

    Mandatory Wizards Link - The Wizards of the Coast Roleplaying site.  Has everything they publish, plus a nice little intro to roleplaying for the completly clueless.  On the plus side, some of the 2nd edition books are now being put up online, which provides some good resources.
    Blue Troll's Netbooks - Another big collection of stuff.  If you can't find it for D&D between this and the above, it probably doesn't exist.
    Player's Option Compilation - Player's Option was the last major addition to AD&D 2E.  It included a point based generation system that added many options (in a typical D&D fashion, also adding more complexity).  This is a compilation of all the character class and race options officially published, taken off a site that no longer exists as best I can tell. - Included mostly for completion of my 2nd Edition Collection.  I personally think most of the stuff here is way too powerfull, but that's just me.
    Dungeons and Dragon's Third Edition News - My favorite 3E site.  Especially good is the conversions library.

Legend of the Five Rings RPG (L5R RPG)

This game of samurai adventures in Rokugan provided the base from which the mechanics for the Planar Gaming System have grown, mostly in an attempt to universalize mechanics in L5R.  It has a beautiful resolution mechanic and a simply wonderful setting.  Any fans of Japanese culture or games where characters charge bravely into battle despite knowing they will die should definitely check this out.

    Alderac Entertainment Group - The homepage of the RPG's publisher.  Also publishes 7th Sea RPG (same system, but much more cinematic and based on pirates).
    The Shadowlands Refuge of the Lion Clan - A frequently updated post of news on L5R.  Not much RPG stuff, but all kinds of stuff on the CCG and strategy game, Clan Wars.
    The Agate Palace - My favorite source of house rules, bar none.  Revisions of the Clans, new schools, revision of skills and just about everything else useful.  Quite a few of my mechanic ideas come from here rather than the official L5R rules.
    Rokugan 2000 - L5R in the modern (or maybe a bit post-modern) world.  Rules for technomagic, new schools, and a really cool ongoing story.  Plus, this is the guy who wrote the Ronin clanbook, which is the basis of universalizing techniques in the Planar Gaming System.
    The Abyss - Hasn't been updated in awhile, and I don't like most of the stuff here, but it is still a HUGE archive of L5R schools, skills, spells, and tons more.  Even some 7th Sea and Legend of the Burning Sands stuff for variety.
    The Tradeposts of the Mantis - Some early speculations on Minor Clans and the Naga and Nezumi (two non-human species).  Mostly good for its huge list of links.
    Tastes Like Phoenix Games - Interesting site with all kinds of reviews, adventure ideas, and general treatises on roleplaying as a whole, not just L5R.
    L5R Character Reference - This is an online compilation of skills, advantages, disadvantages, schools, and ancestors for L5R, first edition.  Not updated too frequently, and occasionally disappears for a few weeks, but here it is anyway.  The main page for that site is here.

White Wolf's Storyteller System

Ok.  I admit it.  Sometimes its fun to play a bloodsucking undead.  Not much inspiration here, but good for seeing a fantasy setting with modern technology and society.

    White Wolf Online - The company's homepage.
    B. J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness - Tons of submissions, including a few by people I know.  Everything you can imagine is here.  Good for new, weird ideas.
    World of Darkness Warfare - A sight that has all the weapons in WoD, plus detailed combat rules, all basic Gifts and Disciplines.

GURPS (Generic Universal Roleplaying System)

For a universal system, this is the first place to go.  I don't love the mechanics, but the sheer quantity of ideas here is overwhelming.  I've used many ideas from this system, mostly in the area of Ads and Disads, but also some in the area of mechanics.

    Steve Jackson Games -  The company page.
    GURPS Conversions - A link list of many conversions to GURPS, some of which are quite good.
    Some GURPS Links - Goes to a variety of fan material.
    GURPS GULLIVER - The BEST GURPS project on the internet.  Deals with simplifying some GURPS mechanics, everything you could need about size, and a complete species building guide.

Other Sites that have Contributed to this Project

    FUDGE - A free universal system that can be used as a guide to making a roleplaying game.
    Tesarta Online - A large amount of information can be found here, including a list of online games.
    Fae Domains - A fantasy RPG, this provided the idea of Warp (based on the idea of Fae).
    Free RPG Index - Many, many more games than I can list here, most of which I have viewed.
    Prism - A very good system based off the Rolemaster system.  I used the Skill Trees to form the list of skills for the Planar Gaming System.
    GEAS - GEAS is a LARP, but a number of its character classes have been used as inspiration for assorted techniques or advantages.
    Quest - A fantasy RPG that produced a good deal of the "spell" list for this system.
    Fuzion - A good, free universal system.  What more could you want?
    Worlds in the Net - A huge resource of created worlds.  Many interesting ideas that can be used as inspiration for a wide variety of campaigns.
    Alternate Realities - The true geek's RPG.  It's action resolution mechanic involves an arctangent function, and there is a "continuous form test" that worms in some integrals.  All in all a decent system, although a bit hard to follow at times.
    JAGS - This is a pretty good universal system that has been the source of many ideas on Supers and Martial Arts.

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