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Quick and Dirty Mechanics

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The Book of Space: A Quick Guide to Infinity
The Book of Time: A Home on the Planes

The Book of Matter: Character Creation
    Step Zero: Character Concept
    Step One: Generation of Traits
        Separate Page on Trait Generation
    Step Two: Select Age Category
        Separate Page on Age Categories
    Step Three: Species Selection
    Step Four: Home Plane
    Step Five: Passions
        Descriptions of Passions
    Step Six: Spending Points
        Part One: Spend Initial Skill Points
        Part Two: Disadvantages
        Part Three: Points

    Provisional Rules Page

The Book of Energy: Using the System
The Book of the Mind: The Power of Belief

The Book of the Soul: The GM's Guide to the Planes
    Who Knows? 
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L5R Game System Design: John Wick
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